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A decentralized solution to money would entail transparency immutability, high availability and security in addition to being programmable. Further more a globally accessible price stable cryptocurrency has tremendous value in countries with hyper inflation.

Getting into bittrace it is an platform to enjoy a new digital currency which deals with less fluctuation and maximum stability. It even provides low transaction fees.

While this is true sentiment the same can be said of bitcoin and etherum. Why buy digital gold when one can buy physical gold? The reason why is due to the allure of decentralization. There has never been a time in history . where strangers could trust each other especially with regards to money.

power of Blockchain

It is the nature of markets to push expectations about the future into current prices. Deterministic money supply combined with uncertain future money demand conspire to make the market price of a coin a sort of prediction market on its own future adoption. Since rates of future adoption are highly uncertain, high volatility is inevitable, as expectations wax and wane with coin-related news, and the coin market rationalizes high expected returns with high volatility (no free lunch).A stable coin is that is pegged to another stable asset, like gold or the US dollar.

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Bittrace is an online payment gateway that makes payments easier. Bittrace offers global commerce tools that can be used to accept payments and build businesses. It allows enterprises to develop their own experiences and expand their businesses around the world. This payment service enables you to provide efficient support makes payment and money transfer procedures efficient and simple day-to-day transactions and cash management. If you find yourself in a situation where time is of the essence, you need to have a suitable facility that would enable you to make a quick transaction with anyone from wherever you are. It is precisely for these situations in life that we bring to you Bittrace.

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The Bittrace Team combines a passion for esports, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing.

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Bittrace ATM Franchise Project   Download Now

Bittrace ATM Features

Bittrace ATM machines will help BTRC buyer and sellers to withdraw cash from Bittrace ATM machine. Currently It is quite tough for buyers to buy or sell crypto coins especially general public who is not so tech savvy. Currently they have to wait for 1-3 days to get funds remitted to online exchanges leading to a substantial price variation. Bittrace ATM will help them to buy/sell instantly all high ranking CryptoCoins giving users a wide choice and peace of mind.

Bittrace ATM will have very good demand for coins on a daily basis. We emphasize that Bittrace ATMs will prove to be a great benefit to the mankind and its token holders.

We are presently mining coins, but it needs to be sold to materialize rewards and to reap the rewards of the collective efforts. Our tokens will be listed on all exchanges so any crowd funding supporter can trade them easily to get liquidity or exchange them with other tokens. Bittrace ATMs will give you the opportunity to sell coins to end users without any intermediary, broker or exchanges. It further divides our business risk and enhances our business with value proposition. We see a strong response from media and good demand for the BTRC tokens worldwide as we are ICO based on a concrete and profitable business.
Bittrace ATMs work more like a stationary exchange where you can anonymously exchange fiat for Cryptocurrency .

It is a new type of ATM which provides customers an easy and quick way to buy Cryptocurrencies with cash or credit card on the go. Bittrace ATMs come equipped with step-by-step instruction which make buying and withdrawing crypto a breeze. Bittrace is a true electronic cash making system. We've collected the best exchanges for our tokenization services . We do research on every exchange and very careful not to include scam exchanges on our site. Instead of buying directly with cash, you can buy BTRC via BITCOIN, BITCOIN CASH, LITECOIN, and ETHEREUM. Exchange BTRC tokens against this four prominent currencies.

Bittrace Debit Card Features


As a decentralized payment network services, Bittrace brings huge evolution in crypto market. It will launch new technological exchange services I.E Debit Card that enables Cryptocurrencies Trading Platform at a single app interface. If you want a simple Debit-exchange solution, Bittrace is a secure digital currency. you can purchase anything with Btrc. Bittrace is a great way for business to minimize transaction fees. It doesn’t cost anything so start accepting them it is easy to setup and no charge backs.

Because, bittrace debit card stores your private and public keys and allows you to send and receive coins, and also acts as a personal ledger of transactions.Bittrace Debit card is available in both virtual and physical forms. It is accepted anywhere around the world. It is secure, Safe And Most Reliable.

Our mission is to find the right service solution.we can generally integrate with any current equipment. Bittrace debit card payment 24/7 support. There is complete honesty and transperency.

  • Internet debit card processing with our Virtual Terminal.
  • Wireless debit card processing for pay-at-the-table convenience and security.
  • Mobile Debit Card Processing for on-the-go food vendors via their iPhone ® , iPad ® or Android ® device.
  • Hundreds of products and services to continually fit the needs of your business.
  • We build solutions to fit your needs.
  • We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach.

Bittrace Online Wallet Features


Bittrace online wallet which enables you to Keep your money, exchange your money, invest your money, pay services and make purchases. Nothing is better than a cashless transaction which is very much successful in todays world. This is provided by Bittrace, a best network which is getting in activation in todays and for next generation.

Bittrace is the best cryptocurrency applications available today for storing your digital wealth.Our online Wallets are optimal for subscription and installment payments. It is a web-based wallet and can be processed quickly and easily. Your money and personal details are safe when you use this wallet.
Unlike other mobile payment methods, this wallet payment is almost instantaneous, requiring just a simple wave of your phone. Bittrace wallet is ideal for someone who wants the flexibility to make payments from different accounts. You can add all of your existing credit cards or mobile money accounts to an wallet.

Then, when you come to make a payment, you can simply choose which card or mobile money account you want to use. This will save space in your actual wallet, as you won’t need to carry all of your cards around with you. Bittrace tokens are created on the Ethereum platform like ERC-20. .An ERC-20 is friendly wallet.


Token Sale

These are the 5 Rounds of ou Tokens Sale

Round 1
Target – to Raise
25 Million
1 BTRC-$0.40No of Token Sale - 25m Tokens(BTRC)Special Bonus- 20%
Net: 120 BTRC Tokens=$40
Round 2
Target – to Raise
25 Million
1 BTRC-$0.50No. of Token Sale- 25M Tokens (BTRC)Special Bonus- 15%
Net: 115 BTRC Tokens=$50
Round 3
Target – to Raise
25 Million
1 BTRC-$0.60No. of Token Sale- 25M Tokens (BTRC)Special Bonus- 10%
Net: 110 BTRC Tokens=$60
Round 4 (ON GOING)
Target – to Raise
25 Million
1 BTRC-$0.70No. of Token Sale- 25M Tokens (BTRC)Special Bonus- 5%
Net: 105 BTRC Tokens=$70
Round 5 (ON GOING)
Target – to Raise
25 Million
1 BTRC-$0.80No. of Token Sale- 25M Tokens (BTRC)Special Bonus- 0
Net: 100 BTRC Tokens=$80
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Public-Sale Live

A crypto token sale is a relatively new wave of opportunity in the world of crypto currency that all investors and crypto-enthusiasts have no doubt heard of already — and if you haven’t then you’ve definitely been missing out! Let’s get you caught up then… A token sale is essentially a means of fundraising for crypto-currency projects via the trading of tokens via the block chain.

In Bittrace token sale-

Total amount of token sale is 125 Million, basically grouped in 5 rounds of sale consisting of different bonus.
There are 5 rounds of sale where in each round; the target of token sale is 25 Million.

  • Under Pre-sale Round-1, Total sale amount is 25 Million with 20% bonus, where each BTRC will cost $0.40,
    Therefore for 120 BTRC it will cost $40
  • Followed by Round-2, Total sale amount is Total sale amount is 25 Million with 15% bonus, where each BTRC will cost $0.50
    Therefore for 115 BTRC it will cost $50
  • Under Round-3- Total sale amount is 25 Million with 10% bonus, where each BTRC will cost $0.60,
    Therefore for 110 BTRC it will cost $60
  • Round 4- Total sale amount is 25 Million with 5% bonus, where each BTRC will cost $0.70,
    Therefore for 105 BTRC it will cost $70
  • Finally under Round 5- Total sale amount is 25 Million with no bonus, where each BTRC will cost $0.80,
    Therefore for 100 BTRC it will cost $80
SOFTCAP = 10 Million
HARDCAP = 65 Million
Platform ERC20

Road Map

Our application for EXCHANGE in under processing. The Tokens will be listed on major exchange within in 15 days completion of all the rounds of Token sale.

Once the ICO Round is completed this four major exchange listing in 15 days





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