Our Airdrop plan brings total 25 millions free Tokens.

Our Airdrop plan is live now. This is an opportunity for those people who are excited to earn extra money. Every each person will get 140 BTRC tokens which is similar to $ 112 free at home by doing the above mention tasks.

A) Bot: Airdrop BOT or Google From: Google From

  • 1. Telegram Group (Join) 20 BTRC Token ($16)
  • 2. Telegram Channel (Join) 20 BTRC Token ($16)
  • 3. Do Follow, Like, Share on Facebook 10 BTRC Token ($8)
  • 4. Do Follow, like & Retweet on Twitter 10 BTRC Token ($8)
  • 5. Do Follow, like & Share on Linked
  • 6. Do Follow, Like &Share on Medium
  • 7. Youtube (Subscribe, Like & Share) 10 BTRC Token ($8)
  • 8. Do Register & KYC 10 BTRC Token ($8)

B) Special Offer For youtuber :

Special Offer For youtuber: 30 BTRC Token ($24) To get money you guys have to make your video on our project then your release Video & Sharing it through social media.

Referral Plan Offer: Joining 15 friends using Referral link 30 BTRC Token ($24)

C) NOTE: For KYC update please fill up Full name, Email id, Telegram id ,Zip code,Eather Address, Residential Address, Country,
Level A is Mandatory(80BTRC $64) (Register Email ID, Facebook ID,Twitter ID,Telegram ID,)
Level B (30BTRC $24): MAKE A VIDEO ON US, BITTRACE!! ABOUT "BITTRACE"!! (No other topic will be entertained).. PUBLISH THAT VIDEO ON YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL. SUBMIT THE YOUTUBE LINK ON YOUR DASHBOARD. By completing this you will get 30 BTRC worth $24!!! & Level C(24 BTRC) is non Mandatory: Refer 15 friends using Referral link and get 30 BTRC Token ($24)


Pre-sale 20% Bonus on every Purchase

(120 BTRC Tokens = 40 USD)

Note: Free tokens for joining and sharing (after verification of shared links)will be credited instantly. All the tokens earnedfor referral plan will be distributed within 50days to all the customer in their Bittrace wallet.