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Additional traits that will assist the wide radoption of any stable coins are simplicity along with elegance of concept, easy integration points for partners and abilty for an exchange to work with. However, stability is key. Long term stability is provided by bittrace. Its important because transactions and holding. Bittrace solution is mopre scalable than collateral-backed modles and morer robust than existing proposals for unbacked stable coins.

But in a coin stabilization scheme, changes in coin price stand proxy for changes in coin demand, and coin supply changes in response to changes in coin price. The idea is that an X% change in coin price, followed by an X% change in coin supply, will return coin price to its initial value, as represented by the green box. So the core operational principle of a protocol that aims to stabilize the market value of coin is the following rule: at the end of some pre-defined interval of time, if the change in coin price over the interval is X%, change coin supply by X%